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We have a team of experienced service designers who work with service users, practitioners and commissioners to re-design existing services and co-create new solutions to complex social problems. 


We design services using human-centred approaches to unlock new insights and innovation and to ensure solutions are fully grounded in what works for service users and stakeholders. Our service design projects to date have involved work around tackling re-offending, digital solutions for older people and digital solutions for mental wellbeing. Our unique approach is that we can bring service design into business development to enhance the quality and integrity of bid propositions and deliver new insights into effective operational practices. 


Service design is effective in tackling questions that do not have obvious answers and where new insights from voices that may not have previously been heard can unlock new solutions. We use creative methods for engaging users, professionals and stakeholders to find hidden answers.


We draw on insights and observations from experts (particularly service users and practitioners) and use creative provocations to design new ideas for services. 


We create a series of low cost prototypes at different levels of fidelity to get rapid feedback to ensure the final design is fit for purpose and to build the support and confidence of those managing and using the service.   


We are more than designers, we are experienced in implementing and operating the designs we build. As part of our service we will build a platform that translates the design into an operating model to ensure that the service is fully translated into a practical and commercially viable proposition.  

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